The power of micro habits.

How Micro Habits Can Help You Achieve Enormous Goals

Micro habits are small, daily actions that will lead you to achieving your lifelong goals. Discover how you can apply them to achieve incredible results!
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Micro habits are quick, easy tasks that bring you closer to your goal. People do monumental things little by little, not all at once.

These quick tasks are so simple that there’s almost no reason for you not to do them! As time passes, you’ll make enormous progress.

As a result, these little routines will add up to some impressive accomplishments!

Micro habits lead to great things.
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Plus, every time you finish something you’ll fuel your motivation to keep at it. Then your day gets even more productive!

What micro habits will you add to your schedule?

Woman who jogs for a micro habit.
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A micro habit is a simple daily task that brings you closer to reaching the desired result.

Imagine all the incredible things you never had the time or ambition to start. Also, each action is so easy to do that you’ll soon build up an encouraging streak.

Why focus on micro habits?

Micro habits change lives.
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Micro habits create huge victories for you minus the stress or intimidation. For example, if you’ve always wanted to write a novel but when you imagine the process you think of all the work and stress happening at once. So of course the thought of it scares you from attempting it.

micro habits of writing a book
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But this isn’t realistic, no one writes a full, edited novel in one sitting.

On the other hand, if you set a goal of writing one paragraph or page per day, it won’t be so daunting. After a while, you’ll finish your masterpiece, seemingly without much effort!

Here are some examples of daily micro habits:

  • Practice building a skill
  • Learn something new
  • Drink a cup of water with every meal
  • Take frequent breaks when working
  • Read one page of a book
  • Take vitamins
  • Practice gratitude by thanking people often
  • Limit your time on social media

Challenge yourself to stick with a couple of micro habits every day for a month.

How to use micro habits to change your life:

1. List your goals and the micro habits needed to reach them

Man writing a list of goals and micro habits to reach them.
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Did you know that humans need goals to be happy? Simply, working towards a pursuit is enough to add purpose and meaning to your life. But, reaching them will boost your confidence, and writing them down is critical. Research shows that writing goals down makes them 42% more likely to be fulfilled.  

Some people say that they have all their plans in their head and that’s enough. Regardless, most of those people don’t actually finish things on time or at all.

There are countless thoughts and ideas floating around in our minds so, it’s no place to store critical, time-sensitive tasks.

2. Prioritize your list of goals and break them into micro habits

Guy evaluating his list of micro habits.
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Afterward, prioritize your goal list and choose 1-3 to start working on. Then break them down into short tasks necessary to reach them. Each step towards your ultimate mission is a micro habit that you add to your daily routine.

Then put your list somewhere you’ll see it. Ideas are easy to ignore, whereas a list in your face every day isn’t.

3. Evaluate your list of micro habits every month

List your micro habits.
Photo by Laura Tancredi from Pexels

Look over your list of micro habits every 30 days. Then, make note of your progress and what needs more work. Remove the habits that you’ve finished and add new ones to work on next month.

Also, this will reveal what’s working and what isn’t. Afterward, you can modify your tasks so they’re more efficient or eliminate what isn’t worth your time.

Here are some examples of micro habits:

1. The powerful micro habit of daily journaling

Journaling is a powerful micro habit.
Photo by Cup of Couple from Pexels

A journal is a great tool for tracking progress, reflecting on life, and planning for the future.
Besides, when else can you set aside the time to daydream and figure out what you truly want from your life?

Just 5 minutes of journaling is all you need but if you end up writing for longer, even better!

2. Consider the micro habit of eating slower

Photo by Luna Lovegood from Pexels

Eating your meals fast might not seem that harmful but it can cause weight gain. When you wolf down your food you’re swallowing air which causes excess gas and feeling bloated. No doubt, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage!

Whereas if you make it a habit to eat slower you’ll digest food better and lose weight. Afterward, you’ll feel more satisfied when you finish your meal.

So, take your time and savor each bite!

3. Daily meditation

Meditation micro habits.
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Meditation is an easy way to gain a lifetime of benefits but, so many people neglect to practice it daily. Even though it only takes 5 minutes per day they think it’s a waste of time or it’s too challenging to sit still. Also, they think they’re supposed to do it for hours like a monk.

Meditating consistently for a few minutes per day is more effective than doing it for hours at a time.

Here are some facts that prove it’s an incredibly beneficial micro habit to add to your life.

Meditation can:

  • Lower your blood pressure.
  • Improve your ability to concentrate.
  • Slow down the progression of some neurodegenerative diseases or prevent them altogether.
  • Be more beneficial than a nap.

So, every day set some time aside to be still and listen to your breath. You’ll reap the rewards later for it!

4. Hug your significant other for 20 seconds

Couple practicing the micro habit of hugging.
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Every day make it a point to hug your loved one for 20 seconds. Research shows that hugging allows your body to release oxytocin, the “love chemical”. Additionally, this lowers your blood pressure, improves relationships, and makes you feel happier.

My husband and I hug every day. Also, we give each other 3 kisses and say “I love you” when we leave the room to do other things. It’s the little things that helped us get through Hurricane Harvey and later, living in a tiny RV in the desert.

It works for us and we’ve been together for almost 7 years.

5. Be more aware of your thoughts

Painting by Sheryl Barnes

A toxic habit that will wreck your well-being is dwelling on self-defeating thoughts. I’m not saying you should skip around thinking only good things. That’s just silly. But you can change your outlook if you include more optimism into your routine.

Also, another benefit of journaling is that it can help you realize what you’ve been thinking so you can improve your thoughts.

6. Clear up any issues before going to bed

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Another micro habit my husband and I practice is we don’t go to bed angry. We solve our issues before checking out for the night. If your subconscious marinates in arguments for 8 hours, you’ll build up more anger. So, it’s best to solve it before you slip into dreamland.

Also, this applies to any other issues or messes that could be resolved before sleep.

7. Gain more resilience with your micro habits

micro habit of hiking
Photo by Suliman Sallehi from Pexels

A valuable characteristic you can build is resilience. The ability to keep striving, despite how difficult it gets, is the key to finishing anything worthwhile. Without this unstoppable attitude, you may never reach the summit of your aspirations.

So, you’ll need to practice this micro habit to help you make it past the finish line.

Micro habits can lead to some impressive achievements
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In short, micro habits can lead to profound, life-changing results. Nothing awesome is finished in a day, instead, it takes many small steps.

So, choose one or two micro habits to do every day until they become habitual. It’s up to you which ones you pick and whether you take action on them. That’s why it’ll help you stay on track if you set reminders on your phone and add them to your schedule.

These simple activities will effortlessly boost your progress towards your target. It’s mind-blowing what you can do when you work on something every day for a few minutes.

Also, remember to track your new routines with an app or cross out each day you do your micro habits on a calendar. See how long you can keep the streak going!

Also, you can make a micro habit of reading Motivated Progress every week by subscribing!

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