Tips for You To Break Free From Your Comfort Zone

While you might fight against leaving your comfort zone, it's what you need to do to improve your life.
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Escaping from your comfort zone is critical for improving your life and accomplishing your goals. Even though your daily routine feels safe and pleasant, that doesn’t mean it’s helpful.

In fact, the safer you feel, the less likely you’ll do anything life-changing.

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels
Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

“The only thing that is stopping you from where you are to where you want to go is your comfort zone.”

– Dhaval Gaudier

A comfort zone isn’t a place—it’s the habit of avoiding new things or taking any risks. However, life rewards those who push their boundaries and take chances.

Tackling uncomfortable challenges is what separates extraordinary humans from the rest. They put themselves on there, despite possibly failing. Even if they fail, they don’t allow that to stop them. Instead, they keep trying until they get it right.

Why you should step out of your comfort zone

Leave your comfort zone.
Photo by Josh Hild from Pexels

“Before anything great is really achieved, your comfort zone must be disturbed.”

– Ray Lewis

Even though we are hard-wired to avoid stress, this is what keeps people stuck in life. You might think, “I’m supposed to avoid pain and discomfort. Why would I put myself in a risky situation?

Furthermore, we live in an increasingly competitive world, which doesn’t bode well for the slackers. Only the strong thrive.

Successful people accept that sometimes they’ll feel the pain of falling short, but they know the reward is worth it. Eventually, they adapt to the struggle, and their comfort zone expands. Furthermore, their experiences turn them into more creative and mentally resilient people.

So, you can choose to either stay in your rut or venture out into the unknown and discover how amazing you can be. I suggest you choose the latter!

What are you avoiding?

Photo by John Mark Smith from Pexels
Photo by John Mark Smith from Pexels

“To the degree we’re not living our dreams, our comfort zone has more control of us than we have over ourselves.”

– Peter McWilliams

Do you feel habitually stuck in life? What are you avoiding that would change your life for the better? You could be practicing a skill, learning something new, or reaching out to others.

When you do something out of the ordinary, you’ll feel the discomfort, the awkwardness, and maybe a desire to escape to safety. These emotions can feel overwhelming, but your daily routine can be the demise of your potential.

Because nothing changes in your comfort zone, every day is precisely the same.

Photo by Athena from Pexels
Photo by Athena from Pexels

Moreover, non-stop comfort breeds misery and boredom. So, people avoid this pain by dissolving their brains into social media, TV shows, and video games. Essentially, they give up all their free time to ensure they never become someone amazing.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

– Dale Carnegie

Don’t worry; you don’t have to cannonball into discomfort. Instead, dip your toe in and experience it. Then go a little further every day until you become consumed by it, and you love it!

Yes, you might love what you’ve avoided all this time!

There are lots of ways to break out of the comfort zone routine like:

  • Try something new. When you find something you’ll be passionate about, you’ll know it.
  • Put yourself in an unfamiliar situation.
  • Take a class.
  • Make new friends.
  • Change your daily routine.
  • Break a bad habit.
  • Visit different towns and see how other people live.

So, whatever you’ve been avoiding, that’s what you need to do. Take baby steps towards it every day.

My experience out of my comfort zone

The Shasta RV
The Shasta RV

If you read the “About” page, you’ll know that my husband and I spent nine months in the high desert of the Rockies. We did that so we could find our dream home.

Furthermore, we stayed in a 15×6 foot RV with no running water. Also, we had a Great Dane, and a Doberman/Lab mix, all 4 of us slept on a small bed; this is the definition of discomfort!

Although this was the most uncomfortable situation I’ve been in, it was worth it. Most homes look great online, but not in real life.

But, every day, I’m glad we did it because now we live in a peaceful, small town. Also, I’m infinitely more grateful for all the small luxuries in life.

But I’m not a super-human, so I know you can get out of your comfort zone! I take the extreme route, but you don’t have to.

Challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone

Challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone
Photo by Demeter Attila from Pexels

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

The things you avoid are what will expand your potential the most! Therefore, start with a simple challenge and allow yourself to do something out of the ordinary.

Start with a task that isn’t too intimidating. If you want to write a book, sit down, plan out a plot or describe your characters. Then every day, challenge yourself to go further.

When you push yourself, the excitement from doing something new can put your brain on “high alert,” fueling you with super-human chemicals.

Furthermore, you’ll build your character, and there’s nothing better than that! You’re becoming more than you were yesterday, and that’s awesome!

What will you do today to get out of your comfort zone?

Photo by Bruno Salvadori from Pexels
Photo by Bruno Salvadori from Pexels

“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”

– John C. Maxwell

In short, breaking out of your comfort zone will change your life, but you have to make it happen. Although, it’s only by experiencing some discomfort that you’re able to grow. It’s worth the struggle! I know it was for me. 

In addition, you’ll learn things you probably would have never known, and you’ll grow as a person. So when you feel that uneasy feeling, smile because you’re growing as a person and building lifelong skills.

So, start planning your transformation from the tiniest first step to the finish line. Life is short, so it’s time to start doing things you wouldn’t usually do!

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How will you get out of your comfort zone?

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  1. I enrolled in college at the age of 39. After being in the dental industry for almost 17 years, I wanted to go into the IT industry and learn programming and web development. Guess what? I’ll be graduating in May and already landed my first job as a web developer.

    With that said, I believe your blog/post is spot on. We will never know or understand our true potential if we don’t step out of our comfort zone. No, it isn’t easy, but nothing in life worth having ever is!

    This is great advice for everyone but especially someone feeling ‘stuck’ in life. And literally, all it requires is taking one step outside of their comfort zone. I promise, it’s worth it!

    • Hey Shanda! You triggered one of my passions, IT! That’s awesome you went into the IT industry! I used work in IT and I was always either the only female or there’d be one other. I hope more women try IT out. Even though it’s uncomfortable it is worth it! Girls should learn about the women who changed IT into what it is today. Like, Hedy Lamarr, she is the reason we have WIFI, GPS and Bluetooth! Plus, she was beautiful too.
      I got heavy into Linux for many years and I dabbled in Java, Python, and C#. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Thank you for sharing this post. I am in IT field, but now trying out into freelancing. I am an introvert person and I am really shy to reach out to other persons. Now, since I am shifting to other platform/field, I am trying my best to go out of my comfort zone. I’m feeling hopeful that it will be success for me as well! Cheers!

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