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How to Create a More Enjoyable, Productive Workspace

Your workspace affects how you perform, your mood, and your productivity. If you work in a chaotic mess, it might be what's demotivating you from taking action on your goals.
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Did you know your workspace affects your mood, productivity, and the quality of your work? Look around you. Does this make you feel motivated to tackle any challenge?

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Then it’s a vicious cycle from there. Especially if you are working from home then you can create an environment that inspires you to do what you always wanted. Your future self will be glad you brought this motivating space into existence!

How does your workspace make you feel?

Messy workspace.
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“Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.”

— Earl Nightingale

When you walk into your workspace, how do you feel? Is your energy immediately drained? Are you stressed from the havoc and confusion?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your space fueled you with energy and confidence? What if it was calming and serene? Don’t you think you could focus more on what matters? Like your goals?

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The usual mistakes people make with their work environment:

  • Choosing a high traffic area
  • Not investing in supplies that would increase their happiness and productivity
  • Allowing clutter to pile up

When you take the time to fix up your workspace, you’ll enhance your mood and increase your efficiency.

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Here are some tips for creating a more motivating workspace:

1. Add inspiration to your workspace

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

“If you take care of your immediate surroundings, the universe will take care of itself.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

What gets you energized and excited to work on your goals? Think of all the benefits you’d reap when you accomplish them.

Now, look at your workspace. Does it inspire you?

If not, then try adding some inspiration and creativity like:

  • Hang some awesome art on the walls or even a vision board of your goals.
  • Play your favorite music.
  • Write some encouraging quotes and place them in view.
  • Add some color to the room.

It will feel like a safe place to expand your creativity and do your best work when you add your unique touches!

2. Clear the air of your workspace

motivating workspace
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“It’s important to determine which surroundings work best for you, and then build that environment to suit your needs.”

— Marilu Henner

You’ll see your productivity soar when you’re breathing fresh air that smells great. Furthermore, you’ll wonder how you used to function in such a stuffy environment!

Do yourself a favor and try the following tips:

  • Turn on a humidifier/oil diffuser to breathe new life into your space, especially with dry fall/winter air dehydrating everything.
  • Open a window as long as the sounds outside don’t distract you.
  • Turn on a fan. The white noise helps many people concentrate better.
  • Make sure the temperature in the room is comfortable.

When your workspace has fresh-smelling air, you’ll boost your motivation and your mood!

3. Organize your workspace

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“I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.”

— Jack Nicholson

Look at your desk. Do you have things you don’t need to use every day? Random things everywhere will increase your stress levels and block your ability to get things done.

Put away everything, every little paperclip or paper will distract you more than you might realize. Simplify your life by decluttering your things.

Go through your papers and documents once a week. Merge and get rid of them to cut down on the clutter.

4. Check the lighting in your workspace

Clean workspace.
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“We are what we see. We are products of our surroundings.”

— Amber Valletta

The lighting in your environment alters how you feel. Not getting enough sun and not using a light therapy lamp can make you depressed.

The best source of light is from the sun, it will brighten your mood and boost your productivity. Otherwise, the closest thing is a full spectrum lamp. That will brighten up your space. Just make sure it doesn’t glare at your monitors.

Choose a lamp that can change from cool white, natural, and warm light. A lamp that can change color tones is ideal. That way, you can pick which one suits your mood, selfie, or project.

If you’re staring at screens all day like me, dim the screen if you get a headache. Or turning on “Night” mode really helps with eye strain.

5. Add flowers or plants

Workspace flowers.
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“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

— Paulo Coelho

Flowers or plants can lift your mood, boost your productivity, and freshen up your workspace. But did you know plants can ease anxiety, stress, and depression?

In fact, research shows all plants improve mental health!

For example:

  • Jasmine helps with anxiety and depression.
  • Lavender is calming.
  • Snake plants clean the air.

Not only do plants and flowers look nice, but they’re also fragrant and calming. Try them out!

6. Reduce the aches and pains

Ergonomic workspace.
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“You don’t discover your place in the world. You carve it out.”

— Thibaut

Working all day in the same position, and doing the same movements can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, or backaches. When you’re hurting, it’s difficult to focus or be productive. So, stop making things worse by using an old-fashioned mouse or keyboard. Get ergonomic with your supplies!

Furthermore, if you’re an entrepreneur, you can write off these office goodies on your taxes! 

7. Do some wire management

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“My daily surroundings feed my work, whether it’s something I’m working on right now or it’s something down the road.”

— Josh McDermitt

It’s demotivating when you try to work around a multitude of wires, so combine them together and hide them from view. You can use zip ties, velcro, or wrap them with electrical tape. Organize them together and hide them behind or under your desk. You might feel like you don’t have time to mess with your wires, but you’ll notice the benefits right away.

8. Clean your workspace at the end of the day

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”

— Ralph Marston

Keep this organized pattern going by cleaning it up at the end of every day. It only takes a few minutes to put everything in its place, and it’ll make your next workday better and more productive. It’s essential to start your mornings off right because that sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Photo by MockupEditor com from Pexels
Photo by MockupEditor com from Pexels

In short, investing in your workspace will reward you with added creativity, joy, and productivity. Your co-workers and clients will be happy you did! Whether you’re working from home or at an office, it’s essential to make sure your workspace makes you feel good and work efficiently. Also, make sure you take breaks to get away from your desk and walk around.

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