7 Powerful Ways to Eliminate Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is the little voice in your mind tells you that you’re “not good enough” to reach your goals. Everyone feels the pain of self-doubt at times. But it’s up to you if you decide to listen to it.
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Self-doubt is the voice in your mind that tells you you’re “not good enough” to reach your goals. Don’t take this lightly because that voice can hold you back from ever succeeding.

The truth is, everyone has feelings of self-doubt from time to time. We don’t accept how amazing we can be because there’s a possibility of failure.

So, we hide from that pain by not trying, which silently drags us into a worse agony of regret and resentment.

Doubtful thoughts come from your subconscious mind. Its job is to make sure you stay in your comfort zone and do the same things every day. Never progressing. Unfortunately, the subconscious usually wins.


But it doesn’t have to be this way! You can stop this self-sabotage!

How you were raised, past mistakes or negative experiences can all cause self-doubt. But it doesn’t have to last a lifetime.

If you’re ready to take control over your life and change it for the better, here’s how to do it:

1. Realize that doubtful thoughts are not the truth


“If you hear a voice within you say ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

– Van Gogh

Doubtful thoughts aren’t the truth! They’re only thoughts. Tell yourself you can do it, and you’ll repeatedly try until you succeed. If you don’t do this, your own brain will talk you out of your dreams.

So, stop stressing yourself out and thinking up excuses why you can’t. Just go for it!

2. Get a positivity overload


Overload your mind with beneficial messages, so the negativity has no chance to speak. So, write positive things about yourself. Also, read inspirational blogs and books, let the encouraging words fill your mind.

3. Have some compassion for yourself


There will be times when you can’t rely on someone else to encourage you. You have to do it yourself. When things don’t turn out how you’d like, think 3 positive thoughts about the situation. They won’t be obvious at first, but if you think about it enough, you’ll find them.

Speak to yourself as you would a good friend. 

The only thing stopping you is yourself. Also, the only person pushing you to progress is yourself. So, encourage yourself to keep going no matter what happens!

4. You’re comparable only to yourself

If you’re comparing yourself to someone at the top of their field, of course, you’ll feel inadequate! But realize that they started where you are now. Only they refused to allow self-doubt to hold them back. They fought through their self-defeating thoughts and practiced until they were amazing.

5. Stop worrying and just go for it


Worrying about how others might judge you can cause self-doubt. Some people think others are always judging them, but this isn’t true, even if you’re ultra-famous. People might notice you for a moment, but they quickly return to their lives. Therefore, don’t waste your time worrying about it.


Although, if someone judges you, don’t take it so seriously. Chances are they’re just venting their frustrations. Who knows, their loved one might be sick or their spouse might have left them?

Besides, you can’t gain confidence from their approval, only from your approval.

6. Start a journal


If you want to get to the core of your self-doubt, you need to gather the courage to write about it. Self-doubt is a serious problem, so don’t ignore it anymore.

When you feel doubtful of yourself write what could be the reasons you feel that way. After that, look at your reasons and write out the ways you can solve these issues.

7. Allow yourself to be imperfect


Doubt kills more dreams than failure.”—Suzy Kassem

When you try something new, you won’t be awesome. But that doesn’t mean your doubtful thoughts were right! It means you’re new at this and you’re learning.

But this isn’t how it’ll always be for you. The more you try, the better you’ll be! It’s up to you how incredible you become.

The key is to find the lesson you need to learn after each failure. Then use that knowledge when you try again. So, keep practicing until you get it.


In short, everyone feels the pain of self-doubt sometimes. But it’s up to you if you listen to it.

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