10 Remarkably Easy Ways to Discover and Accomplish Your Mission in Life

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Do you ever wonder if you’re headed in the right direction? Wouldn’t you feel relieved if you knew what your mission in life was? Then you would know what you’d need to accomplish to get there. Plus, you’d feel proud and fulfilled every day because you’d know that you’re that much closer to the destiny you’ve always wanted.

Strive for your mission in life.
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Otherwise, your mind will focus on unimportant details in life, like what others say or think, who did what on social media or comparing yourself to others. These things will drag you down and distract you from improving your life.

If you dedicate yourself to working through the following steps, you’ll blow your mind with what you can achieve!

1. Find your mission in life by following your passion

Find your mission in life by following your passion.
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Socrates once said that the unexamined life is not worth living. That’s why I encourage my readers to ask themselves questions. Furthermore, there’s no better place to find answers than within yourself.

Ask yourself:

  • In your spare time, what creative things do you like doing?
  • Is there something that the little voice in your mind keeps telling you to do?
  • What activities did you love as a child?
  • If you were ultra-wealthy, what hobbies would you do every day?

It’s best if you’re passionate about your mission in life. Your answers to the above questions will help you find your passion in life.

Here are some examples of your possible mission in life:

2. Your mission in life should be smart

Your mission in life should be smart.
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Ensure that you are pursuing something specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and has a time limit.

If you don’t know exactly what your mission in life is, how will you know when you reach it? So, write down precisely what you want to accomplish.

If you want to save money, how much? In a year, how much will be in your savings account?

You also need a way to measure your progress. If you want to lose 15 pounds, you can weigh yourself each day to see if what you’re doing is working. Then write it down every day.

Make sure you don’t choose an unrealistic mission because that’s setting yourself up for disappointment. Thus, killing your motivation to try anymore. Start with something you know you can do, then build upwards from there.

Finally, choose a reasonable deadline. Mark this special day on your calendar and take it seriously.

3. Who will benefit from you reaching your mission in life?

In this part, you think about how you’ll serve your future customers. The most meaningful missions in life are the ones that help others. Who are they? How old are they? What do they need from you?

How will you enrich their lives so much that they don’t know how they’d live without you or your product?

4. Why do you want this to be your mission in life?

Why do you want this to be your mission in life?
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Your quest should be something that inspires you and feels authentic to you. Therefore, no one else can tell you what you should go for; it should come from your soul.

Don’t even let your parents or friends tell you what to work towards.

Deep down, you know what to do. You just need to take some time to be alone and listen. Think of why you want to do this because it will be the driving force for achieving it.

5. When you discover your mission in life, write it down every day

Write down your mission in life every day.
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People who write down their goals achieve them 42% more often than those who keep them in their heads. So, why not give yourself an additional boost by writing it down every day?

You’ve got to keep your dreams at the forefront of your mind every day, so you take action to achieve them. Fill yourself with enthusiasm and energy to work on it!

6. What are the smaller steps that lead to your mission in life?

Map to your mission in life.
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Take your ultimate achievement and break it down into the steps you need to take to get there. You’ll need this map to get to your desired destiny. For instance, if you want to build a new skill, break it down to the fundamentals. Then build up from there.

So ask yourself:

  • What are the basics that I need to learn about this subject?
  • What areas do they branch out to?
  • Which branch is most appealing to me?
  • Write down the parts that make up the branches.

7. Set your mission in life to run on autopilot

Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels
Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels

It’s so much easier to achieve goals when you create a system or habit to crush the next step first thing every morning. Know what you need to do and how long you’ll do it.

Mark it somewhere visible each day, like in your calendar, that you do it and keep the streak going! A long streak can be incredibly motivating. Plus, if you do what you need to do first, you don’t give yourself the time to think up excuses not to do it.

8. Measure your progress daily

Measure your progress daily
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At the end of every day, take a few minutes to journal about how you’re doing. Write down what is working great and what needs to change. This can save you months of wasted time floundering around aimlessly.

9. Set yourself up to succeed

Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels
Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

We all tend to self-sabotage sometimes. The subconscious doesn’t want us to change anything, even if it’s to our benefit! So we need to make it much harder to fail.

Therefore, keep temptations to steer off course out of your living space. Don’t buy junk food and hope you won’t eat it if you want to lose some weight. Instead, look online for healthy foods that you enjoy and get those.

Also, you can repeatedly tell yourself how disgusting, unhealthy foods are, and eventually, you’ll believe it.

10. Remember that you can do this!

Photo by fauxels from Pexels
Photo by fauxels from Pexels

What you choose to strive for might be intimidating and scary at first, but that’s why success doesn’t come instantly. It’ll be a steady progression, and some days you’ll backslide. But as long as you don’t give up, you’ll get there. You’ll be so happy and proud that you stuck with it!

So, what’s your mission in life?

Photo by Vanessa Garcia from Pexels
Photo by Vanessa Garcia from Pexels

In short, if you follow the above steps, you’ll achieve your mission in life. It won’t happen overnight, and it might take longer than you prefer, but if you keep at it every day, you will reach it. Then you can choose a new target to accomplish.

Working towards things that will enhance your life can be exhilarating! Give yourself the gift of something to look forward to and discover your mission in life.

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